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Are you experiencing what I had gone through before? Waking up in almost all silent night with that annoying and irritating ringing sound hovering in my ears. At times if I’m lucky, the sound might just appear in one of my ears. The full blast will come when both of my ears are ringing persistently.

ringing ears

I learned from doctors that this high-pitched shouting in my ears is in fact a disorder widely known as tinnitus. In simplify terms; ringing in the ears is the result of your brain processing the wrong signal. I can attest for those suffering from it that tinnitus are of no doubt a painful hearing problem, it just gets louder and louder each day and the noise do not stick in one place.

GIVE BACK my peaceful life….

As I remember, my ringing ears turn my world upside down, leading me to the point of fatigue. I couldn’t get any decent rest at all. My anxiety grew as night approaches and I know that the ringing sounds will start amplifying. I had visit doctor for treatment but it only seems to control my ringing ears without curing it. I started to accept the fact that my rest of life would never ever be quiet again.

The turning point comes when I came across a friend of mine (who I had not meet for ages) that manage to have his tinnitus cured. He did it through identifying what’s causing his ringing ears flare up. When you had the triggering causes eliminated, the ringing ears will vanish automatically.

CURE tinnitus by identify the CAUSES

Tinnitus is suspected to arise from several possible conditions, such as:

1. Buildup of thick ear wax in your eardrum. Earwax works well in protecting our eardrums. However when the earwax gets thicker, it will affect how our ear sensation picks up and analysis the sounds. The sounds might be perceived as ringing noise.

2. Persistent exposure of eardrums to loud sounds. Hectic loud working environment and listing to rowdy music or concert can possibly damage our inner ear cells, causing the flare up of buzzing sounds in eardrums.

3. Medications implication. Some medications such as Aspirin, ibuprofen medicineand naproxen tend to induce the tinnitus symptoms. If you are on these medications, have them reviewed again by the doctors and be sure to inform the doctors that you are experiencing ringing ears.

4. Head and neck injury, or strained neck muscles. At times, these traumas can lead to the tinnitus distress. If you could recall that your ringing ears seem to appear only after you had suffered any injury, this could be the factor. Inform your doctor about it and have the injury attended to. This is aid in healing your tinnitus distress.

5. Hypertension. Do a check on your blood pressure. Are you having high blood pressure? High blood pressure is distinguished by a relentless boost in the force that the blood applies upon the walls of the arteries. With hypertension, the patient’s blood pressure is high even at rest. These can cause injury to the delicate ear canals veins leading to tinnitus flare up.

Ringing in the ears can cause fatigue, stress and anxiety, memory issues, as well as depression to the sufferers. Knowing how to avoid tinnitus can be an important step to secure your overall ear wellness and hearing.

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