Everyone loves music as it is always enjoyable, BUT there’s a fine line between music and sound. Sound creates irritation, and too much of these noises can cause mental disruptions. It is beyond all bounds of possibility for a normal human to pay attention to continuous music all day long even if it’s your favorite. So the predicament of tinnitus patients is totally comprehended.


So how does tinnitus sound like? It is often called “ringing in the ears”. As the name implied, patient will often perceive various sort of noise such as buzzing, whining, whistling or swishing in the ear in the absence of any external source.

Ringing in the ears is certainly not a disease, and is in fact more of some of the underlying causes. Prevalent trigger factors include ear infection, nose allergies, wax in an ear and injury from loud noises.

How do you treat tinnitus?

From medical research, if you are under persistent tension and anxiety, this can certainly worsen the level of tinnitus. Thus, it is very important to have these factors well in control. Having said that, many people in society today do experience a specific level of stress and anxiety and you will need to learn how to unwind yourself.

Certain relaxation approaches such as exercise and deep meditation does help significantly in easing your tinnitus condition. Of course, you will need to carry out them on routine basis, at least 3 times a week. Stretching exercise such as yoga, which assist in improving blood circulation and minimize stress levels, can work well for healing ringing ears.


Regrettably, the less sleep you get, the more your tinnitus will bother you. Thus it’s extremely important to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night in order to prevent what typically seems like an increase in the ringing tones in your ears.

Increase your consumption of zinc. In one study, nearly half of ringing ears patients had their condition improved significantly with consumption of 10 milligrams of zinc daily for 2 months.

Excessive earwax in your ear canals could possibly be the cause for your undergoing tinnitus disorder. I’ve personally used Murine Ear Drops for my problem and it certainly help to get rid of that accumulated earwax in my ears and ease my tinnitus condition. You will need to apply the drops to your affected ears at least 2 times per day for a period of 4 days to see the effect.

Now, that persistent irritating ringing noise that keeps hovering in your ear is certainly not a laughing matter. If you would like to get back your silence world and enjoy your peace of mind, pay a visit HERE!


  1. You may like to give this a try. It works well on me 🙂
    Snap your forefinger securely off the middle fingers and onto the base of your skull. There ought to be a loud sound like that of a drum. Repeat this drumming action about 50 times. Depending upon how serious the condition is, this activity needs to be duplicated several times a day for the best result on easing ringing in the ears.

  2. Distract yourself in your home to relieve your tinnitus symptoms. For instance, turn your aircon or fan to create some background white sound to muffle your ringing noise. If that is a bit too much sound, go for a number of small fans, or possibly a meditation fountain. By filling your house with pleasingly white noises, your mind can concentrate on something aside from your ringing in the ears. Then you’ll only need to fret about the buzzing in your ears when you’re far from home, in which case, you’re probably so busy that it isn’t extremely bothersome, anyway.