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If you keep hearing some form of whirling or high pitch ringing sounds in your eardrums, beware this could be the start of a disorder commonly known as tinnitus.

Ringing in the ears could happen in one or both ears and it emerges without the present of any exterior sound. Though prevalent referred as ringing ears, tinnitus patients could possibly perceive various sounds such as whining, drizzling, buzzing, hissing, whistling or humming tone. The irritating sounds usually gets louder during the silent night.


Your ringing ears could take place for brief period of time or it could be constant. While the buzzing sound could be bearable, it could bring on some soreness over extended periods of time and upset your sleep order. In severe cases, it might lead to hearing loss.

What leads to tinnitus?

Ringing in the ears could be induced by a variety of possible factors; one of which is the persistent direct exposure to loud sound. If you are working in a rowdy environment, care must be taken to protect your ear canals through the use of earplugs or defender.

Other causes includes

– Ear infections
– Earwax buildup
– Tension or injury on the head or neck
– Allergic reactions
– Some prescribed drugs and antibiotics
– Cigarette smoking as well as alcoholic beverages
– Depression, sleeping disorders, stress and anxiety

How to treat ringing in the ears naturally?

Besides seeking for medical treatment, there is a growing trend for tinnitus patients looking for alternative natural remedies that work on addressing the root causes.

1. Use of ginkgo biloba. One of the most commonly used natural herb for ginkgo extracthealing ringing in the ears is ginkgo biloba. This plant assists to enhance the blood circulation around the ear canals and heal any veins inflammations. It could also improve any hearing loss condition.

2. Vitamin B12 is medically proven to protect the nerve’s vitality. You could either take this vitamin in the form of supplement, or have them right from your daily meals (eg. eggs, milk, meat, liver, mussels). To have the optimum result, go it with zinc and magnesium mineral as well.

3. Things to watch out.
– Salt: High salt consumption could elevate blood pressure, inducing ringing in the ears. If you are vulnerable to the impacts of salt, minimizing your saltsodium intake will help in decreasing the strength of the buzzing in your ears.
– Caffeine. High levels of caffeine could lower the circulation of blood to the head, neck as well as ears, restricting blood vessels and also various other little capillary. This can, in turn, exacerbate your ringing in the ears.

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