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It is not unusual for many to experience a periodic buzzing, roaring, hissing, buzzing, or tinkling sounds in their ears from time to time. The sound typically lasts only a couple of minutes.


BUT if that ringing in the ears does not get much better or go away thereafter, beware that you may be suffering from a hearing disorder known as tinnitus. You might hear a sound, such as a buzzing or ringing, that does not originate from your surroundings, that is, nobody else can hear it, except yourself.

The noise may pace with your heartbeat or equal with your breathing. In fact, from statistic research, tinnitus is most common in folks age 40 and above.

The intensity of the tinnitus broadly relies on your response to the condition. In severe instances, you may even having difficulty in sleeping, might feel anxious and depressed and unable to stay focus in your daily tasks.

How do you get rid of tinnitus?

Fortunately, it is possible to have this disorder addressed and lead a normal life if you start taking steps to combat tinnitus.

Frequent, prolonged exposure to loud noise increases your danger of getting ringing in the ears or making it worse. So protect your ears adequately to avoid tinnitus from flaring up. Use only the right ear protectors (not cotton wool) when you are near any noisy motors or environment. Ear defense is likewise important if you play in a band or orchestra.


Some specific medications, most notably aspirin, and numerous types of prescription antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, sedatives and antidepressants as well as quinine medications are well known to trigger ringing in the ears. In fact, tinnitus is pointed out as a potential unwanted side effects for about 200 prescribed and non-prescription medications. Tinnitus can possibly get worse if you drink liquor, smoke cigarettes, take in caffeinated drinks or consume salty or spicy foods.

Stress, tension, anxiety and tiredness may cause your tinnitus to worsen. If this is causing your ears to start ringing, practise some relaxation exercises such as yoga, deep meditation and swimming to aid your body to unwind.

Waxy accumulation in your ear canal can make your brain to be super-sensitive to sound. If your ringing ears is due to clogging of your ear canals, this can be easily addressed by removing the excessive earwax in your eardrums through the use of hydrogen peroxide solution.

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