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It is common to hear that ringing sounds in your ears at some times in your life. Almost everyone experiences momentary sounds that come and go. Short-lived tinnitus which usually lasts for few minutes is pretty common to all BUT if this ringing noises stay on for hours or even weeks, you will need to seek help as it could easily upset your routine life.


Persistent tinnitus (identify buzzing, sizzling or other sound in the ear) is often a sign of underlying conditions. The ringing in your ears may be related to hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory system disorder. This condition might also be an outcome of constant exposure to loud sound, earwax clog, changes in the ear bones or numerous other health diseases. It could even the outcome of stress or anxiety.

How to stop tinnitus ear ringing?

If your ringing ears distress is the result of short-term eardrums damage or infection eg. attending a loud music performance or ear canals infection, it might go away after a couple of days. However if it’s lasted for weeks or months, there is a likelihood that your tinnitus might be long-lasting and you need to address it promptly.

It is very important to prevent further damage to the fragile hair cells of the inner ear from extreme noise. Industrial hearing loss can result from ongoing direct exposure to sound levels in excess of 85 dB. Extremely loud machinery, such as chainsaw, can produce sound levels well in excess of 85dB and can cause hearing damage. Ear defenders ought to be worn when you are in these rowdy environment.

For myself, I start perceiving that irritating “ringing” in my ears (more like a consistent high pitched buzzing sound) about a week after consuming a new muscle relaxer medication. Once I realized that the noise was “inner” and not by external source, I stop taking it and consult the doctor. I was then informed that my ringing ear was an uncommon side effect of this new medication.

Tinnitus tends to get worse when you keep focusing your attention to the sound and when you are reacting to it in an emotional way. In neurological terms, the auditory stimulus causes a tension response. You would often find the ringing sound troubling, and you can’t fall asleep during the night. These issues are not due to tinnitus; they are due to your psychological reaction to the ringing in your ears.


You can try this psychological strategy that I have actually found to be really effective. The approach will be to think of that buzzing sound is made by some device in the room, maybe by a moving fan or a clock. It’s fantastic that just having that believed causes instant stress relief. Once the ringing in your ears is classified as an “everyday sound”, it will be a lot easier to take it off your mind, making tinnitus much more manageable.

Ringing in the ears gets louder when you are anxious about it, so anything that helps to control your overall anxiety is going to be helpful. There’s a medication known as Xanax that aid in controlling your tension level. Exercise of course will be the best way in promoting overall health wellness.

If you are searching for natural ways to end your tinnitus nightmare, the remedies listed HERE will be what you are looking for.

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