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If you keep experiencing persistent noises that come as in a form of buzzing, ringing, hissing, humming, roaring, or whistling in the absence of any external sound, you could be suffering from an disorder typically known as tinnitus.

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The unrelenting, grating sound of buzzing in your ears would usually gets louder during the silent night. In the day times, you would often “hear” the babble of crickets or birds resonating in your head all day.

The ringing in your ears can come and go, or remain continuous buzzing in your ears. It can come in low or a high pitched ring. Tinnitus might be in both ears or simply in one ear.

Natural home remedies for tinnitus

Most tinnitus sufferers think their ringing in the ears will go away on its own, thus delay search for any treatment. While some cases of tinnitus can cease if they are triggered by medication or other temporary scenario, in many cases, ringing ears does not just disappear.

If your ringing ears arise as a result of the side effect of medication, simply stopping or altering these medication can heal your tinnitus disorder. At times, your ringing in the ears can be triggered by the interactions of taking two or more medications. You would need to consult your doctor to have the medication reviewed.


Ginkgo biloba is an extremely popular natural herb widely used in Chinese Medication and originated from one of the earliest trees on earth. Scientific studies have suggested its efficiency effect in restoring the functioning of the circulatory system and is the most widely-used herb for healing ringing in the ears. You could easily purchase Ginkgo biloba supplement from all healthcare shops.

Another effective natural treatment for infections of any kind including ear infections is garlic. Garlic is frequently called nature’s penicillin and is commonly used to address any infection conditions due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial features. Unlike prescription antibiotics which can lead to undesirable side effect, garlic does not have this problem. If you don’t like the smell and taste of natural garlic, you can opt for garlic supplement.


It is necessary that we have all the vitamins and minerals that our body requires to work effectively. But at times, as a result of wrong choice of diet, our body does not receive all the essential nutrients. For instance, if you are not getting adequate Vitamin B, you may start developing ringing in the ears. Niacin, a kind of vitamin B3, had an amazing effect in healing tinnitus as it opens your blood vessels and allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach your inner ear. Take 100mg of Vitamin B-complex supplement daily will ease off your ringing ears.

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