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Have you been experiencing some strange and irritating ringing sounds in your ears lately? They are definitely not your imaginary as the sounds keep “coming” back every days and gets even louder during night time.

These ringing ears that you are having is often known as tinnitus in medical world. It is a hearing disorder defined by ringing in the ears without the presence of any external noise. More often your non-stop ringing ears pose to be an infuriating nuisance, upsetting your sleep and peaceful life.


What causing ringing in the ears?

There are some prevalent factors that are well known to bring about tinnitus distress. Look for the ones that bring about your ringing ears.

1. Prolong period of direct subjecting your eardrums to loud sound
2. Ear infection
3. Head or neck injury
4. Accumulation of excessive earwax in your ear canals
5. Deteriorating of hearing nerves in inner ear as a result of aging
6. Specific medications (eg. asprin, anti-depressants and antibiotics) that could trigger ringing ears
7. Stress and anxiety

What can be DONE to heal your ringing ears?

Fortunately tinnitus can often be deal with effectively once you had the underlying cause for your symptoms.

1. If it’s due to stress and anxiety, review your lifestyle and incorporate some exercise such as deep mediation and yoga stretches to de-stress yourself.

2. If it’s associated with hearing loss due to aging, consider using electronic gadgets such as a white noise device that simulates “nature” noise to mask off the signs of tinnitus and help you to rest well during the night

3. If it’s caused by environment, you should protect your fragile eardrums withearplug earplugs or ear defenders. When listening to music using earphones, avoid turn the volume to max as it could gradually damage your delicate hearing nerves.

4. If it’s a result of earwax, visit a doctor to have the accumulated earwax removed. If you plan to do it yourself, you could make use of some earwax removal solution available in the market but be sure to read and understand the usage procedure.

No doubt ringing in the ears is going to be a chronic and annoying condition, but there are many natural WAYS of managing it and get it CURED. The worst option will be to try “living” with tinnitus and deter any treatments.

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