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Sad to say, you cannot simply run away from that frustrating noise (ringing ears) by simply covering your ears or shutting the window. The noise in fact is generated inside your head. From time to time, the noise could be heard as ringing, hissing, clicking, buzzing, or crackling tone. It would come and go at its wishes, or at times it just simply don’t go away for days.


This tormenting condition is often known as tinnitus or ringing in the ears, and there are numerous factors that lead to this disorder.

1. Persistent exposure to loud roaring noise
2. Excessive accumulation of earwax
3. Inner ear infection
4. High or low blood pressure
5. Injuries to head or neck
6. Ear canal fluid buildup
7. Medication effect

Have you identified if the above factors could be one of your triggering causes for tinnitus?

Healing your ringing ears will be much easier once the root cause is known.

Let’s review some of the WAYS that you could adopt to control the ringing in the ears.

1. Examine your blood pressure. Quite often, that persistent ringing sounds hovering in your ears can be commonly traced to hypertension.

2. Avoid chemical stimulants. Certain foods (eg. chocolate) and drinks (eg.cappuccino coffee, tea) that contain stimulants can easily thrill the hair cells in your ear, making them overwork. This will make your brain starts perceiving ringing sounds.

3. Poor blood circulation. If poor blood flow is the cause for your tinnitus distress, work it out. A little exercise, such as slow walk, yoga exercise, swimming might help.

4. Try ginkgo extract. Gingko had been well known in improving blood circulation. By taking ginkgo extract daily, it will assist to improve the blood flow to your head and neck, reducing the ringing sounds triggered by high blood pressure. You will need at least 2 months to view its treatment effect.

5. Relieve stress and tension. If you are having constant ringing in your ears, any stress or anxiety will certainly intensify the condition. Find ways such as exercise, deep meditation and massage therapy to release your stress.

Ringing in the ears can be so aggravating to a level that it starts to affect one’s routine life. WHY making your life so hectic when it is possible to have tinnitus addressed permanently from the natural remedies listed HERE?

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