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If you find yourself begin hearing sounds in one or both ears or in the head when there is no external sounds present, it might be a symptom of tinnitus distress. More often, you may experience various kinds of noise (such as buzzing, humming, whining, roaring or whistling) in your ears either persistently or during the silent night.

Why do you get that ringing in your ears

Tinnitus, which is widely known as ringing ears, can be a short-term, periodic or continuous disorder. It is NOT a fatal illness but can easily bring about much chaotic in your life and mental stress.

What leads to ringing ears flare up?

Ringing in ears can be triggered by numerous factors. Some prevalent causes included the excessive buildup of earwax in the ear canals, constant exposure to loud sound, flu, high blood pressure and overuse of medications such as aspirin. It can be intensified by unhealthy diet such consuming too much alcoholic or caffeine beverages and excessive salt intake.

Can ringing in ears be HEALED?

One of the options is to pay a visit to doctor for treatment. Of course, the doctor won’t be able to have your tinnitus cured overnight and most likely, you would have a few followed up appointment. No mentioning on the cost of these treatments, you would also have to fork out time to visit the clinic.

The other alternative is to get ringing ears treated right from home. This can be carried out with the aid of some natural remedies that you can get it from your household.

1. Fresh Pineapples: You can easily get this fruit from all grocery stores. pineapplePineapples come with natural characteristic to fight against any inflammation. Thus if your ringing ears is caused by an infection, simply drink freshly squeezed pineapple juices daily for at 2 weeks and you would observe considerable improvement in your tinnitus condition.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: This is yet another remarkable remedies to have your ringing ears treated. Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory features and can be used as a form of beverage to get rid of inflammation in your ear. You will need to dilute the vinegar with water to a level that you are comfortable with. Store the diluted vinegar in a bottle and have a small cup of it daily.

3. Sunflower Seeds: Besides possessing anti-inflammatory properties, these seeds also come with important vitamins that your body needs to improve the wellness of the tiny bones and cartilages in your ears. You can either have sunflower seeds as a form of snack or make tea with the seeds.

4. Castor Oil: This oil possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristic that can improve your body immune system to improve your ringing ear condition. The treatment is pretty easy and straightforward. Just drip 2 drops of castor oil into the ringing ears and then plug the ears with a piece of cotton ball. Carried out this treatment each night and your ringing ears should diminish gradually.

Ringing in the ears is not a condition that you can simply ignore. It would persistently clinging you, creating havoc in your peaceful life and can possibly lead to permanent hearing loss. So, do not take this condition lightly. I hope you would find the natural remedies from HERE useful in eliminating your tinnitus for good.

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