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When you start hearing ringing sounds in your ears or heads persistently, this might be a symptom of a disorder known as tinnitus. This noise can end up being immensely irritating and starting intruding your peaceful daily life and upsetting your sleep.


The ringing sounds that you had perceived may range from hissing, whistling, ringing and buzzing noise and can comes in various pitch, from high to low frequency. The intensity of the noise can turn extremely loud in a silent environment.

The good new is that this is not a fatal illness, and it can be treated and cured through many natural remedies and approaches. I would share you some solutions that works well in addressing my tinnitus that had been torturing me….

Can ringing ears be CURED naturally?

After using the following natural remedies for 2 months, my tinnitus had stopped “looking” for me and I’m glad to have back my peaceful life 🙂

1. Ginkgo biloba. This natural plant helps to improve blood circulation in your body, in particularly to the neck, head and brain. It also possesses the healing effect in addressing any swelling in blood capillary. Whenever there is inflammation to the blood vessels surrounding the ear canals, ringing ears will surface. However, it takes time for you to observe the ginkgo biloba healing effect. You wouldn’t see the benefit instantly.

2. Examine your blood pressure. What is the last time that you had your blood pressure check up? Tinnitus flare up can frequently be traced to high blood pressure. If you are suffering from hypertension, you will need to have it under control, either through mediation or exercise. For me, I started taking medication to manage my blood pressure once I found out that I suffering from hypertension. It did help in a way, as my ringing ears seem to get better.

3. Sesame oil. This can often be easily found in your kitchen. You wouldSesame oil usually use it for seasoning your food. Do you know that it can also be used to “calm” your ringing ears? In fact, sesame oil had been widely used in Chinese traditional medication. Apply some sesame oil to your palm and rub it till the oil gets warm. Delicately rub the oil behind your ears 2 times daily. Continue with this therapy for 2 weeks, and it will visibly improve your tinnitus condition.

4. Vitamin B12. Have you included foods that are rich in vitamin B12 in your daily meals? Vitamin B12 helps to promote better blood circulation and repair any inflamed nerves, especially those fragile nerves in your ear canals. Foods that are rich in B12 include whole grains, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, fresh fruits, milk, potatoes, mushrooms and fish.

You need to start taking actions to have your ringing ears treated. This disorder won’t go away overnight but with the right remedies from HERE, it is possible to have tinnitus eliminated for good.

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