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If you had been perceiving spontaneous noise (in one or both ears) and the sounds doesn’t seem to go away, it could be that you are suffering from a hearing disorder known as tinnitus.


The sounds that you perceive can change from time to time. It could be a buzzing, ringing, whistling or humming sound. The vital point is that these sounds are rather bothersome and can easily rob away your peaceful life. Fortunately, these ringing ears of yours can be treated naturally with the right approaches.

How to stop ringing in your ears naturally?

1. Excessive wax in your ear canal. Did you do a cleanup of earwax regularly (at least once a month)? When earwax starts to accumulate in your eardrums, it will affect your hearing sensation and cause that “ringing sounds” to emerge. Apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ringing ears to soften the earwax. After which, drain off the fluid and use a rubber bulb syringe to extract the earwax. You may need to carry out this treatment for 2 –3 times to have the earwax completely cleanup.

2. Give your ear “ A BREAK” – It takes time for your ringing ears to recuperate. Let your ears rest for a little. Avoid any activities that could possibly aggravate the conditions. Don’t listen to music using earphones or place anything that is close to your ears. If you are working in a noisy environment, protect your ears with earplug or defender.

3. Give your body a booster – “Vitamins”. Vitamins such as magnesium, medicinepotassium and manganese are needed by your body system to aid in dealing with ringing in the ears. These vitamins improve the blood circulation in our body especially to our inner ear canal veins. You should also take in natural foods such as Red Bell Peppers or Sweet Peppers, Strawberries, Citrus Fruits, Broccoli and Brussels sprouts that are rich in vitamins A, C and bioflavonoids since they assist in enhancing blood flow as well.

4. Avoid “ringing ears” stimulator. If you are hoping to get rid of tinnitus, you ought to avoid any stuff that can possibly trigger the ringing in the ears. Medications such as aspirin, quinine and prescription antibiotics have the tendency to induce tinnitus. If you start experience ringing ears after consuming these medications, do inform your doctor about it. In addition, any smoking or alcoholic beverages can also lead to buzzing ears distress.

If you are right now suffering from the annoying ringing sounds hovering in your ear all day long, with the sound indisputably ending up being louder and louder each day, it’s time to take ACTION before your hearing simply shuts out and lead to deafness.

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