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Having to live with the persistent ringing sounds in your eardrum is definitely going to be an endless nightmare. I know it as I had gone through that darkness moment before. That irritating ringing sounds just get louder when you are hoping it to turn “soften” during the silent night in order to get some good rest.


The ringing sounds can come in various tones, ranging from periodic buzzing (or roaring, hissing, whistling or tinkling) in my ears. If luck is with me, the ringing sound might just lasts for a few minutes and go away. But most of the time, it will stick with me all day long 🙁

After visiting doctor for help, I get to know this hearing disorder that I’m suffering from is known as tinnitus and is in fact a rather prevalent disorder in human races. Doctor advise me that I will take quite sometime for the ringing sounds to go away with medications and told me to be patient with it. As my constant ringing ears is affecting my routine life, I decided to try out some other alternative to have my tinnitus treated.

How I Cure My Tinnitus Naturally

This is when I get to know some NATURAL WAYS to have my ringing ears cured swiftly 🙂

1. Control your blood pressure. It seems that hypertension does lead to measure blood pressuretinnitus. Whenever my ears start to ring, my blood pressure is on the high end. I’m not on any medication right now to control my blood pressure and have adopted exercise (slow walk and swimming) to have my hypertension in control.

2. Your diet. What you eat plays a vital role in your health wellness. Foods that had high content of salt, caffeine or alcoholic tend to induce the ringing sounds in your ears. I love coffee and used to have at least 5 cups of coffee beverages daily. Ever since I started to switch the coffee beverages to fruit juices, my ringing ears had improved significantly.

3. Workout and relaxation. Any forms of exercise do have a positive impact in your wellness and frame of mind. Relaxation workout such as deep meditation, yoga stretches can quiet the nerves and reroute your subconscious to suppress the most annoying ringing sound in the ears.

It is not at all any easy task to cope with tinnitus. The endless ringing ears can bring easily wreak havoc in your peaceful daily life. Keep in mind that although ringing ears is not a life threatening illness, it is however an irritating chronic issue. Why should you try enduring it when it can be naturally treated using the home remedies listed HERE!

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