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From time to time, you may have hear this…”ringing sound”, that hovering around your eardrum. That ringing sound in ear is extremely prevalent when you are in quiet environment. In fact, the ringing sounds stay with you all day round. It’s just that in day time, external noise masks off that sound from your hearing sensation.

I believe that you would agree with me that living with ringing sounds is definitely not a pleasant experience. Fortunately, this is not a incurable disorder. As this is rather a common aliment that had been affecting 45% of population, you will find many remedies in market to address this irritating aliment.

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In this post, I would like to share some remedies which work pretty well in eliminating my tinnitus. These may not be the best solutions but it surely work for me.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba. This natural plant can help to improve your body blood circulation. Most of the time, your ear starts to ring when inadequate blood flowing to your ear canal. Start taking ginkgo biloba tablets (which is easily available in  most  pharmacy stores) and  you should “see” the positive result in a couple of weeks. For me, it takes about 3 weeks for my ringing ears to subside after consuming ginkgo biloba.
  2. Medication. Are you on any medications? Or did your doctor changes any prescribe drugs for you recently.Try to recall when did your ears start ringing? Could this due to your medications? Drugs such as antibiotics, aspirin and antidepressants are well known to trigger tinnitus.  You ringing ears may disappear once you alter the prescribe drugs with your doctors.
  3. Hypertension. Are you experiencing any high blood issue? Our blood vessel in ear canals are pretty small. Thus any minor increase in  blood pressure can easily aggravate any ringing sounds which presents in your eardrums. You can have your blood pressure in control through exercise such as swimming or running
  4. Earwax. Earwax is of no doubt essential to act as a layer of protection to our eardrums. However, excessive accumulation of earwax could lead to “blockage” of sound to be correctly perceive by our hearing sensation. Visit a doctor to have your earwax checked. Alternative, you may also use warm olive oil or a couple of sodium bicarbonate drops to soften your harden wax. Once the wax are soften, you can easily flush them out by having your ears gently syringed.

You should NEVER left your ringing ears untreated as it could possibly lead to more health issue.  Why should you allow this disorder to tolerate YOU endlessly when it can be CURED right from HERE!

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