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Right now, you maybe still pondering “why are my ears ringing”? This is not an unusual query for those who had been tolerating by this horrific tinnitus. Ringing in the ears is in fact a rather prevalent aliment impacting many folks worldwide.


Many think that this disorder usually targets elderly. However, from statistic research, ringing ears seem to look for folks from of all age group and gender. Having say that, let’s learn why your ears start ringing?

1. Buildup of excessive earwax. If you start having ringing ears out of the blue, pay a visit to doctor to have your eardrums checked. Earwax accumulation could possibly block your ear sensation, which could leads to your tinnitus flare up.

2. Excessive consumption of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. If you had a change of dieting habit recently, mainly in the type of beverages you have been having; make an effort to review them. Ensure that they do not possess high level of caffeine content as this could easily trigger your ringing ears.

3. Injury to head or ear. Did you suffer any injury especially to your head or ear recently? If your ears only begin to ring after those injuries, chances are that your ringing ears will go off by itself once the injury recovered.

4. Blood flow difficulty. This usually refers to hypertension symptoms. If you do have a high blood pressure history, look for a doctor to have a review on your hypertension status. Having your blood pressure in check will ensure that this would not be the factor that causing your tinnitus distress.

5. Watch out your sodium intake. High sodium (salt) consumption will result in a rise in your blood pressure. This will result in the narrowing of your blood vessels and obstructing the proper flow of oxygen and nutrients to your ear canals. In time to come, your ear cells will die and trigger tinnitus.

Your ringing ears may come and goes off without any treatment. This in reality depends on what’s causing your ears to ring. Having say that, it is of no doubt a tolerate to wait for your tinnitus to vanish as it could take for a week to few months for the ringing to cease. Fortunately, it is possible to have this irritating disorder cured easily from HERE!

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