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Ringing in ears will be the last thing that you ever had hoped for. But if you are the unfortunate one to have it, you shouldn’t just blame your luck on it. Suffering in silence shouldn’t be the option either. What YOU ought to do will be to find WAYS to have it addressed swiftly.

I used to have this annoying sound “staying” with me all day round. Just thinking of it now makes me shivers.The sound can occasionally swing from “soft” to “rowdy” level. Needless to say, I couldn’t get an decent sleep at night. Without adequate rest, I just can’t make myself stay awake in day time.  Boy, those are the “darkness” day in my life.


In fact, I didn’t really take any concrete actions to cure my tinnitus till I couldn’t stand it.  Fortunately, I have a colleague of mine that used to have this disorder and “know” the ways to have it addressed.

Following are the remedies which he had shared with me and eliminated my ringing ears.

  1. Ear wax accumulation in ear canal. Gosh..I couldn’t believe it when doctor remove thick layers of wax right from my eardrums.  But how does earwax links to my ringing ears? Well, the doctor elaborates that earwax is needed to acts as a shield to protect our ear canals. However, excessive earwax could possibly hinder your hearing sensation from  “correctly” perceiving the audio.
  2. With headphone, it’s music time. Do you like to listen to music occasionally? For me, I couldn’t live without music and I like to have them with my headphone. Quite often, I turn on the volume control to almost ¾ of max and listen to the rowdy tunes for almost an hour.  Doctor had advise me to stop this immediately as making your eardrums subjected to prolong loud inferences can possibly cause permanent damage to your auditory senses.
  3. Smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks. I used to drink a lot and smoking can be considered as my leisure hobby. I’m aware that these are definitely not some good “stuff” that I should crave for, but I just couldn’t shake them off. It was only when my tinnitus gets worse, I make up my mind to cut them off. And for sure, I did notice some improvement in my ringing ears. Smoking and alcoholic drinks can lead to high blood pressure and exacerbate your existing tinnitus symptoms.
  4. Stress and anxiety. I have been under substantial pressure for a couple of months as I couldn’t meet the project deadline. I guess stress and anxiety make my blood pressure shot up and trigger my hypertension. I have now learnt ways to release my stress and slow down my life pace. Yoga and deep meditation are some new workouts that helps to curb my tension.

As you can see, it’s not at all difficult to have your tinnitus treated or at least to have it controlled. If you are still pestering by that ringing ears of yourself, go HERE to have it eliminated swiftly.

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